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We often have barn cats available!


These are working kitties! They are great for controlling rodent population on your property. They are generally semi-tame to feral cats that are not suitable to be a companion pet & therefore they would otherwise likely be euthanized. They are either abandoned pets or come from local TNR projects. They are neutered, vaccinated & tested for diseases & ready to work for you! 


You must be able to provide food, water & safe shelter for these cats & imprint them properly on your property which can take 3-4 weeks so they can can get accustomed to their new surroundings. We can assist you in that regard.




Did you know a WELL FED cat is a much better mouser? That's because they hunt for the sheer fun of it vs. for hunger!


If they hunt out of hunger, they only hunt when absolutely necessary so as to conserve calories. So a full kitty is a much better hunter because it is hunting for entertainment that can last hours!


Working cats are a  much greener & non toxic way to control rodent population. Also, the cats will stick around where the food is, & not go looking for "greener pastures" and they will deter unaltered cats from claiming your property. 

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