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Also known as our "Helping the Helpers" program, this is where we assist community members who have found cats or are taking responsibility for unclaimed neighborhood cats in order to get them spayed/neutered & vetted. If cats are friendly and no owners come forward it's possible the cats can be put up for adoption on our platforms.

PLEASE NOTE: Mission Meow WILL NOT house these cats- you MUST foster them until adoption & be prompt with all communication & compliance of appointments and adoption referrals. We will be as motivated as you are to get these cats vetted and/or adopted. We will gladly coach you through this process. If you can donate towards their care that will be a huge help in taking on your case. 


Contact us via email and be as thorough as possible with how many cats there are, how friendly/feral they are, ages, any known history, etc. 

Please indicate if you can help transport to vet appointments in the Roseville, Auburn, Wheatland area.

Please indicate if you can donate towards their vetting. 
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