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Meet Mama Mia. She has spent most of her adult life wandering a neighborhood as a stray. She found her way to our rescue along with her four beautiful babies. Mama Mia was a wonderful and dedicated mommy and now that her babies are grown, she is ready to dedicate herself to her forever family! She has grown accustomed to the life of a house cat and especially enjoys the endless supply of food (she has gained 6 lbs in the last 3 months )! Mama Mia is a cuddle bug and is happy to carry on a conversation with you. She loves chasing a laser and wrestling with catnip filled toys. Once she has successfully captured and shaken the toy, she will call out for everyone to come and join her in a victory celebration! It's very entertaining! She is special needs because she is 7 years old & FIV positive. To learn how she can live a normal, healthy lifespan and not have concerns about transmission to other other pets,  CLICK HERE.


Mama Mia has been fostered around other cats and small and large dogs. She would make a wonderful addition to any home.




Sweetie is a three month kitten who was found abandoned & raised as a single bottle baby by a veterinarian. Her name says it all, she's a sweet cuddly girl who lovs to snuggle. But she's no pushover! When she wants something she let's you know! 

While we cannot make a definitive diagnosis, she has symptoms that present themselves as extrememly mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia or CH. That could explain why her feline mommy abandoned her- because she was a bit different. We think it makes her even cuter! 

She can get around just fine but she has a bit of a wobbly gait, bumps into things sometimes & if she gets stuck in a tight space like between a door and the wall she can't figure out how to get out of that predicament because she's a tiny bit uncoordinated. She can't jump but can climb onto a short bench. She loves to play and we noticed great improvement in her mobility & confidence level when we had a feline buddy keep her company. She would do well in a quiet to moderately active household, with a kitty companion that will PLAY & interact with her. She is gets along great with Bomba.

Again we cannot make a definitive diagnosis and whatever it is, it's  a VERY MILD CASE. It's possible that she could just be a clumsy, quirky kitty! But we have foster moms who have adopted cats with severe cases of CH & their kitties are happy & healthy- just floppy :0) They would be happy to advise you on the condition. We would describe her symptoms  as half as bad as Nugget, the first kitten video featured here:




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