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How do I choose the best Feline Fit for my family?


Few people can resist the face of a kitten, and often assume they must start with a baby animal when choosing a pet.  Few consider the benefits of slightly older kittens, adults or even special needs cats!


Assuming that a baby animal will integrate & bond faster into a new family & environment is 


That more depends on the personality of the individual pet & the correct pet match to your family- not the age!

 We are experts at socialization & making the perfect feline fit for your family & would be happy to assist you!

Kitten, Teenager or Adult?


 There are few things more adorable than a kitten. Kittens are entertaining and full of fun. A young kitten will have more need for attention and supervision than an adult cat. As a kitten learns about the world by playing, your curtains, couch and flower arrangements can become sacrificed in the process. An adult cat is more likely to settle in faster, and choose to nap in front of the window versus climbing the drapes. Also with an older kitten or adult cat you can see what their personality truly is. Sometimes a cuddly kitten can surprise you & grow up to be standoffish and vice versa!


Kittens are often poor matches for young children. Kittens can play rough and have sharp claws that can hurt young children. Young children, in turn, can handle a kitten too roughly and cause injury. An older kitten or adult cat is more likely to be more patient with young children, and best of all, knows when to walk away from interactions that are too much for either of them. Kittens can also be bad matches for homes with resident animals. Dogs may play too roughly, or worse yet, mistake the kitten as prey. Older kittens & adult cats are more able and confident in setting boundaries with dogs. Adopting an adult cat can bring the sweetest rewards. Cats often live to be nearly 20 years old if properly cared for.




Do you want your kitten to be cuddly & sweet? A kitten left alone during the day can become lonely and bored, which sometimes can lead to mischief & destructionTwo kittens will never be lonely and will entertain each other. Even if someone is home a lot, we as humans are not suitable peers for kittens. They need to get their energy out on each other instead of your curtains, carpet or your child's face. Because they've expended their playful energy out on each other, then they save the cuddling for the humans.  Many people who experience behavior problems with kittens find that they go away when they adopt another playmate. What may be perceived as mischief or destruction of property is often just the result of boredom. Read about the dreaded SINGLE KITTEN SYNDROME

Also if you have multiple children, it can be a lot of love for only one cat to absorb, therefore the kitten can become aloof and dread human attention. Getting two kittens helps spread the love around for everyone!



There is no sight so endearing as two kittens curled up together for a nap! Also since they use their feline friend as a playmate, they tend to look at their human owners as more of a cuddle buddy- so they become more affectionate with you!



Even the most devoted human caregiver can quickly become exhausted by trying to keep up with the energy of a single kitten. Two kittens will wear each other out, leaving their human parent free to just enjoy them.



You're saving two lives instead of one!



Do you have an adult cat at home? 

Then experience has shown us that adopting TWO kittens is actually much less stressful on your older resident cat, especially if they are over 3 years of age. The kittens will have each other to wrestle & play with while your resident cat can pick & choose when to get in on the action, observe from a distance or leave. A single kitten may become much too pesky for an older cat and behavioral problems from one or both cats may develop! You will also avoid the dreaded SINGLE KITTEN SYNDROME!


adopt adult.jpg

Please don't automatically discount a special needs pet!  It also doesn't automatically mean expensive vet bills either. Obviously each case is individual but animals can adapt much easier to their challenges than we give them credit for. Special needs pets may have physical disabilities or more often, we are seeing those with emotional issues that disappear or are managed by being adopted into the perfect home! Please consider adopting a special needs pet & consult with our adoption counselors to see if we have a match for you!


Some examples of special needs cats are:









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