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Medical Protocol Info


We believe that quality health & medical management are essential to raising healthy kittens and our philosophy is quality over quantity. We don't sacrifice quality health care for lower costs or hurrying to free up space in our program.  We uphold very stringent sanitary & quarantine standards in our private foster homes & at adoption sites to ensure the healthiest adoption possible. We operate with the safety of your resident pets and the pleasantness of your adoption experience in mind.  All cats & kittens are tested for diseases, proactively treated for fleas, worms, earmites & receive age appropriate vetting such as vaccines, spay/neuter/microchip.  All kittens will have a minimum of THREE vaccines and at least TWO rounds of deworming treatments before being put up for adoption. It can take up to twelve weeks of age for parasitic worms to clear up. We also ensure they have SUFFICIENT HEALING TIME post alteration surgery, usually 7-10 days so that we don't risk sending you home with a kitten that may develop a post- op infection. We use a private veterinarian for spay & neuter surgeries for optimal care.


While we can never guarantee the health of another living being, (and no reputable rescue would) but we can guarantee that our cats have been raised with the most appropriate medical, sanitary & socialization protocol possible. 



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