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Most shelters and rescues had to basically shut down during quarantine. We are able to continue operations on a 100% contactless basis because we do not have a central facility. Instead, our program is foster home based.  While we had to severely scale back our operations, we were still able to rescue cats & kittens without endangering public health or disregarding the government guidance on best practices.




All medical, transport & veterinary appointments are made with a foster mom delivering her kittens in a carrier to the doorstep of the medical facility/other destination, sanitizing the cage handles, return to her car & then notify staff via phone that she had arrived. Staff member would perform medical services, put the cats back on the doorstep, sanitize the cage handles & call the foster mom to pick them back up. 100% contactless.



2. PHONE INTERVIEW  (if approved)

3. ZOOM Meet & greet with foster family & kitten

4. ADOPTION DAY: Foster mom will put the kitten in a playpen outside in her yard. Masks and 6ft social distancing required. 100% contactless. 


Our biggest challenge has been the lack of access to veterinary appointments for spays & neuters. Vet clinics are slammed & we are only allowed two scheduled appointments per week. We have had to utilize other private vet clinics that do not offer a discount. We are paying up to $190 alone for a female spay, almost triple the usual cost. Certain medications have also almost tripled in price and we have experienced chain disruptions in regards to necessary supplies. 

We are ever more in need of donations to keep up with the skyrocketing costs. Here is a message from our Program Director dated 4/4/20:

UPDATE 11/30/20- We continue 100% contactless operations  & will do so for the foreseeable future. 

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